Gabe Sandy

Q&A day

We're going to try a little Q&A feature here and see how it goes. Got a question you'd like to ask Gabe? Post it in the comments and it might show up next week! 

What's your favorite kind of client to work with?

 I prefer for them to come in with an idea, just not always a completely specific one. They have to know what they want and what style they want, and then be willing to let me do my job. If you say "do what you want", mean it. If you don't mean it, don't say it. We have to communicate well from the start. If you're going to be nit-picky, just own it right from the start so that we can work with it. The more hoops you make me jump through the more aggravated I get. 

After that, show up for your appointments. Don't reschedule over and over again. Tell me if you have a budget ahead of time, and don't show up for an all day appointment and tell me you only have a hundred bucks. Let me know ahead of time so that I can adjust my plan for your appointment. I understand that things come up, but chronic reschedulers can be tough to work with. Again, good communication is key. 

What I want above all is for my clients to be happy with their tattoo. It's a collaboration, and we need to both be on the same page so that you can get the tattoo you deserve. If we're not on the same page neither one of us will be happy. I want to be proud of my work just as much as you want to be proud of your tattoo. Even if I do a great tattoo, if the client isn't happy it's not a great tattoo. 


A Gabe Sandy Biography

Gabe Sandy was born in a hospital. After that he doesn't remember much until he was about four years old and knocked out a tooth when he fell down while running down a hill one day.  When he was in grade school he excelled in recess games that involved knocking down other kids as hard as he could. His only opinion of high school is that he was happy to graduate and get out of there.

He started tattooing at the age of twenty.  Many years later, his interests involve grown-up games where he knocks down other people as hard as he can. He enjoys working with black and grey, and really loves the challenge of realistic work. 

He is married to a prematurely gray and somewhat bossy woman called Tara. They have an ever-changing zoo which they call a family.